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Mar 05, 2018 By Rebecca Testrake

We here at Spark+Echo Arts are pleased to introduce the two wonderful groups of artists joining our team this year. We are excited to work i

Nov 27, 2017 By Jonathon Roberts

If asked to reflect on 2017 and come up with a single descriptor, the word “dynamic” comes to mind. I think all of us can readily think of s

Jun 05, 2017 By Rebecca Testrake

2015 Artist in Residence, Christine Suarez, updates us on the continued development of her project responding to the book of Ruth. An abridg

Feb 05, 2017 By Jonathon Roberts

We are excited to announce the release of our second compilation album from Spark+Echo Arts! Thanks to the success of Volume 1: Narwhal and

Jan 29, 2017 By Jonathon Roberts

We are thrilled announce our first ever Spark and Echo Arts compilation album! Dozens composers and musicians have created music for this pr

Feb 07, 2016 By Jonathon Roberts

Spark and Echo Arts’ recent 5th Anniversary Celebration was a big success! This showcase, our biggest to date, featured an art exhibition r

Jan 14, 2016 By Rebecca Testrake

We are proud to announce Spark and Echo Arts’ 5th Anniversary Celebration! This NYC celebration, our biggest to date, features an art exhib

Jan 07, 2013 By Rebecca Testrake

Spark and Echo Arts is pleased to announce two wonderful groups of artists that will be joining the Spark and Echo Arts team this year. In a

Feb 10, 2012 By Rebecca Testrake

We're excited to announce our themes for the year:Beginning, Sheep, Water, Hands, Friend, and Joy. Each of Spark and Echo Arts' curators, ar